Hiya, Stranger.

Rest in Paradise, Holly.


One year ago today I finished my undergraduate studies. It wasn’t at a school I truly wanted to attend nor was it a major I particularly enjoyed. So having had 365 days to look back at it, I guess making it through those four unforgiving years is an accomplishment to be celebrated. The entry to follow my last post was intended to be that of me passing my boards. But alas, I didn’t pass and my entries onto the blogosphere never came. That particular failure and the journey to it skewed the view I had on my life. I was (and have been) honing in on this one negative aspect of my life that I failed to acknowledge the more beautiful events that occurred in it.

Along with some of my closest friends I was privileged enough to see toe. Twice. My sister and her husband had their first child and what a beautiful one she is. One of my lovely grandmothers reached the age of 75 which my family and I honored with a surprise birthday party. Equally as impressive, my dog celebrated his eleventh birthday. These are a few of the many great things that has happened.

Even through all these monumental events, my mind always seems to track back to a brief period in time which I didn’t perform up to certain standard. I’m letting a silly test eclipse the wonders my life had, has, and will have to offer. My favorite phrase throughout this ordeal has been “No worries. All in God’s time.” And I trust in that. I trust the people who’ve uttered this phrase to me. I trust in my God that when the time comes, I will pass those darned boards on his terms as opposed to my own.

These are my present sufferings. However, they will amount to absolutely nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in me. And on that day, I will share my victory with you all. Pinky promise.

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